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A major market top forms in Bitcoin (BTCUSD), back in April 2021. The use of VTLs and FLDs to confirm price peaks and troughs form one of the tools we use frequently in Hurst Cycle analysis.

Sigma-L brings the power of signal processing and Hurst Cycles to traders/investors in a new way. Expect a compact yet comprehensive email newsletter and website format, penned by an expert in the application of this wonderful technique and modern signal processing.

Originally proposed by pioneering engineer JM Hurst in the 1960s and 1970s, Hurst Cycles are often bewildering for the average investor/trader. Although an attempt was made by Hurst himself to simplify the techniques to a totally practical level in the now rare Cyclitec Cycles Course, many new and enthusiastic students are often disconcerted with the mathematical foundation at the heart of this approach.

Today, innovations in software and signal processing techniques would have amazed Hurst, allowing a huge range of markets to be subjected to this kind of time-series analysis.

Hurst Cycles allow the investor or trader to leverage the predictive power of periodic functions present in financial markets and setup the entrance to a more general understanding of signal processing. Hurst Cycles are completely unique in approach and comprise a robust set of action signals, risk management and price action methodology. The edge a trader or general investor can gain from a deep knowledge of this technique will be indispensable.

Here the remarkable cyclicality of the VIX volatility index is highlighted with a wonderful component around 68 days present, amongst others. This kind of visualisation can help identify periodic functions in markets and their relationships to each other over time.

Market Coverage

The RUSSELL 2000 (RUT) at the 4 hour resolution starts a move upward from the 40 day nominal low in late August 2021. This was a tremendous ‘bear trap’ that was easily identified using Hurst Cycles

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  • Custom phasing analysis on any financial instrument available on request.

Subscribers are emailed the moment a new post goes live and reports on price action with targets in terms of price and time are, naturally, front and center for all instruments.

We now also (April 2023) offer a shorter email format entitled Sigma Snippets, catering for the lesser covered markets in a snappier guise for ease of consumption.

An 18 month nominal cycle peak forms in Natural Gas futures around October 2021. At the time energy price inflation was subject to rampant coverage in the press. Subscribers were alive to the contrarian viewpoint available only via an expert Hurst Cycles analysis.
Price progresses to the 18 month nominal low due at the end of 2021. Subscribers are kept up to date at crucial points in the cyclical analysis.

Our Software and Techniques

In addition to Sentient Trader our analysis is given mainly via the microscope of a unbiased time frequency analysis. For more details on this technique please check out our article: Hacking the Uncertainty Principle: Time Frequency

A typical time frequency analysis. In this case the instrument is USDCAD, daily. We identify a component of excellent signal quality around 75 days.
Gold and the component around 300 days from this sample, price is also highpassed.
Sentient Trader and the AUDNZD shows exemplary periodicity at the larger cycle degrees, helping traders to identify major peaks and troughs. Here price begins a large upward move from an 18 month nominal low in September 2021.
AUDNZD in February 2022 having established the 18 month nominal low and moved upwards for weeks.

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