Precious Metals

The latest Hurst Cycles analysis of precious metal markets. Gold, silver, platinum and more. The original 'hard money', precious metals have stood the test of time and their periodic movement can be traced back decades. We offer timely updates on these markets with an expert eye on the subtleties involved via the prism of cyclical analysis. Subscribe today!

Tools required: Nominal Model | FLD | FLD Trading Strategy | FLD Trading Strategy (Advanced) | Principle of Nominality | Underlying Trend Phasing…
A shift in the phasing analysis suggests 40 week nominal still low to come in Gold. We look at when to expect it and at which price area
Examining the immediate move to the 20 week nominal trough and the broader consolidation at the long term scale.
A look at the move from the proposed 40 week nominal peak and we consider whether the 80 day nominal low is still to come or has formed
Macro acceleration and a discussion of the 18 month FLD interactions over the past year or two
Explosives moves and the 40 week nominal peak anticipation via peak phasing
Silver - US Dollar | Phasing Analysis Update, Outlook & Trading Strategy
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