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A strong move from the 20 week nominal low in early April is now likely peaking and we take a look at the adjusted long term phasing analysis
A setup for the anticipated sellside move to the 40 week nominal low and we examine smoothing an FLD when price consolidates sideways
A smaller than anticipated move to the 40 day nominal low precedes a further move up to the now forming 40 week nominal peak. We look at the shorting…
A crisp bounce off the 20 week FLD for the most recent 80 day nominal low in this excellent phasing. Ahead, the peak of the 40 day and possibly 80 day…
A grinding downtrend, 18 month component attenuation and a look at the subsequent uncertainty around the 20 and 40 week components.
In this report we anticipate the forthcoming 40 week nominal low, consider FLD support and explore a Hurst Cycles trading strategy to exploit it.
DXY | Phasing Analysis Update, Outlook & Trading Strategy
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