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A gentle bullish rise from a low of at least 20 week magnitude in April hits targets around 115. We look at the next moves in the price of oil as larger…
We explore an imminent move to a 40 day nominal low and look at the excellent periodicity of the 20 week component in US Natural Gas
Attenuation at the 40 day component prompts a revision of the phasing analysis as the 18 month cycle explodes upwards from it's trough in 2021
We report on the excellent short trade from 24th March and analyse what is expected to be at least a 20 week nominal low coming soon
NG: A look at the forming 20 week nominal peak in US natural gas and the trading strategy for the move to the 20 week nominal trough
A beautiful rebound from the 40 day nominal low sets up a short to the incoming low of at least 20 week magnitude, expected early to mid April.
WTI Crude - US Dollar | Phasing Analysis Update, Outlook & Trading Strategy
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