Cryptocurrency has displayed exemplary periodic movement since it's inception around the financial crisis. We cover three of the largest instruments on Sigma-L: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Bitcoin itself accounts for a large portion of common periodic influence in the entire market. Subscribe for updates on the crucial timing required to navigate this new paradigm.

Price sits at the 40 week VTL and near an imminent nest of lows for the 80 day component trough. We take a look at what is next in Ethereum
We look at the imminent 80 day nominal low after price collapses to test the 40 week and 18 month nominal troughs.
A look at the 40 week nominal low placement recently, the lacklustre move from the 40 day nominal low and some further insight from the frequency domain
A weak move from the 40 week nominal low suggests sideways action to come prior to the large low later this year
The move to the 40 day nominal low examined and the next moves for ETHUSD from Hurst Cycles perspective
We look at the move into the 40 day nominal low and a bullish FLD cascade forms above price
Ethereum puts in the (subtle) 40 week nominal low and we look at the slightly more bullish underlying trend evident in ETHUSD vs BTCUSD
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